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A Level Programme

What Is A-Level?

A-Level is a pre-university programme offered and is spread over a period of two years – based on the UK education system.

A-Level at Coleshill College is administered by Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE)

The programme is 24 months long, It is 100% exam-based, so you’re pretty much reliving your O level or SSC days. But unlike the earlier examinations where students usually take 8 subjects, you only need to take a minimum of 3 subjects.

Only 3 Subjects? A-Level Must Be Easy!

Nope, definitely not!

A-Level is generally viewed as a difficult course because it requires you to analyze and apply logical thinking when answering exam questions.

Remember that you’re in college now, so no more memorising and blindly regurgitating answers like how you did in secondary school!

You will also find that the learning material is more in-depth compared to other courses. In fact, many A-Level graduates say they have an easier time completing their first year in university compared to their peers against the local educational systems.

Should you take the A level programme

  • It is recognized worldwide.
  • Keeps your option open
  • The wide range of resources
  • Provides in-depth knowledge

In Pakistan – for students that have completed whether O level or the local SSC education system, the choices to pursue a pre-university degree programme are many. Following are some of the reasons that you should understand in case you plan to undertake the A-level challenge.

It is accepted by numerous universities both locally and internationally and allows you to pursue a wide range of degree upon completion. This is great in case you still have not decided what degree you intend to pursue in the future.

You gain a deep knowledge of the subjects chosen.

Instead of studying multiple subjects, the A level will allow you to focus on a few subjects and gain in-depth knowledge in your chosen area of interest. This is great for those that are passionate about a few subjects and want to concentrate and be focused.

Resources and Support

Materials such as past year papers, marking schemes and revision questions are readily available everywhere for A-Level. The Coleshill College in addition to the above is also supporting students by aiding students with the “Teacher’s Assistant Programme” that is inbuilt into the regular operational college hours.

Your college will supplement you with sufficient resources to ace your exam.

Is the A-level challenge for me!

  • Enjoy academic studies
  • Prefer examinations
  • Plan to pursue a competitive degree
  • Want in-depth knowledge

The A-level programme is for academically inclined student’s that possess an analytical and inquisitive mind.

Avoid the A-level programme

  • Dislike examinations
  • Prefer to study practically oriented degree
  • You prefer classwork interaction, modular classwork assignments and interactions

Remember that A-Level is considered one of the more academically challenging courses, due to its focus on analysis and application of knowledge.

Choosing your A-level subjects

  1. Choose what you love
  2. Choose what you are good at
  3. Choose subjects that are related to your degree
  • Choose subjects that you will likely enjoy – When a particular topic or subject interests you, it becomes less of or a task to study. Also, it is always easier to excel at something when you enjoy doing it
  • Choose subjects that suit your strength – Every subject is unique and involves a different skill set. Some subjects require creativity or essay writing, while others may challenge your analytical and critical thinking skills. To succeed in this programme – play it your strength.
  • Choose subjects that you need to enter a particular degree/career path – If you already have an idea of the university degree you would like to pursue after A-Level.