Coleshill Way Of Life – Coleshill College

Coleshill Way Of Life

Staff at the Coleshill College offer assistance in the areas of academics and personal counseling. At the programme level, each student is assigned a mentor.

Mentor-Mentee System

Each student in the A Level Programme is assigned an Academic Mentor that will provide extra academic support throughout the student studies.  At the outset, this will forge a relationship between the teacher and the student – providing close monitoring of the students’ progress. Mentors will be assisting the student in their university applications, including writing references and testimonials.

Student Attendance

The Coleshill College emphasizes greatly on student attendance and is part of the evaluation process at the A level programme. There is a high correlation between attendance and achievement and it is unlikely a student who has a high degree of absenteeism and doing poorly. Attendance is a priority and is monitored and recorded diligently. Students that miss three or more classes in a month will be reported to the Head of Programme and the parents or guardians will be accordingly informed.

Persistent absenteeism from class may result in the student being excluded from classes and barred from being registered for the CAIE or Edexcel Examination through the College.

Student Punctuality

Lateness is not only disruptive but also adversely it affects effective classroom participation. Chronic lateness will be treated similarly to frequent absences and will be reflected in the student’s final mark.  It is within the subject teacher’s prerogative to deny access to class to chronic latecomers and treat the denied access as an absence.

If a student knows he/she will be absent for lessons, he /she must produce a letter to state the reason and proposed absenteeism dates in advance.

Academic Counseling

If a student is found to be far behind in the syllabus and unable to catch up due to lack of attitude/aptitude; then, he/she will be counselled to drop the subject. If two or more teachers agree to determine his/her lack of the ability to cope (after the midterm semester report), the student will be counselled and further action recommended accordingly.