FAQ's – Coleshill College
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A small collection of FAQ’s

Coleshill College offers a 4 Levels support system:

  • Teacher’s Assistant – is designated to subjects to supplement students that are struggling in the classroom to clarify immediate concerns. This is monitored by the regular teacher at intervals to check the progress of the student.
  • Enrichment Classes are designed for students that are either weak or have opted for a change of subjects at the A level – this is done to accommodate the essential learning objectives at a different pace than the regular classroom.
  • Revision modules as an approach to various teaching techniques that will assist the student to obtain good grades in the examination.
  • Peer to Peer study is encouraged and will be monitored by the academic coordinator for students that seek assistance from fellow classmates.

Yes, this can be done but it preferred within the first ten days at the commencement of the academic year in September.

Flexible, interactive classroom environment with an emphasis on soft skills – these are just a few of the hallmarks that the Coleshill experience. The learning experience is designed in a manner through which a student will be responsible for your own learning through regular term tests, varied assignments and presentations. In addition to this for a student to graduate a compulsory 30 Hour Community service as well as credit courses and a team project is mandatory.

The rigorous academic programme is designed towards 110 hours of scheduled instructional time. On top of that, there are numerous individual and group assignments for each subject, this contributes to 70% coursework evaluation. Students will also need to complete a compulsory independent study unit or culminating project for each subject.

Yes, students can pick and choose any subject they like but they would need to meet with the academic counselor in planning for they undergrad studies.

The lab components are important and comprise of three(3) hours per subject per week.

How will the students be tested:

The Coleshill College will be conducting both formative and summative assessments.

  • Formative assessments give the teacher and student important feedback on progress. These include quizzes, assignments, learning logs, presentations, research projects and surveys based on the requirements of specific subjects.
  • Summative feedback is evaluations of learning achievements. These include class tests, semester and trial examinations.

A class test is a part of the summative assessment mode and it provides evidence of a student current progress and is a yardstick to a student’s potential in the CAIE. It will also assist the student as a preparation platform for the actual CAIE plus time management.

The Coleshill College has a dedicated team for the placement of students at international universities of their choice. In addition to that, the student will be guided from the time of enrollment and during the course of study at Coleshill with various choices and scholarship opportunities that are to be availed by them.