Message From The Dean – Coleshill College

Message From The Dean

We are idealistic in our approach to promote high-excellence in education, and to prepare our students to meet the international demands of society and the corporate sector; and we will achieve it precisely through motivating everyone at the COLESHILL COLLEGE beginning from our hand-picked faculty to students and even beyond; and to create an image based not on a perception but a conviction.

We want our students to be highly motivated and knowledgeable to meet the great challenges lying ahead vis-à-vis the Opportunities waiting for them.  For us, each O-level student is an opportunity to develop into independent thinkers and to convert them into bright stars for the Next Level of Education.  That will be a real transformation – the change made in the students at the COLESHILL COLLEGE. We want our students to dream of excellence of their future success, and together we will ensure that they achieve their dreams of name and fame.

We are adopting STEAM EDUCATIONAL APPROACH towards learning for our students at the COLESHILL; making them adept in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as access-points for guiding students’ inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking.


In short, we must accept this responsibility and seize this moment. Together, we will learn to transform our students through academics and co-curricular, to the next level; and our common goal should be to achieve success in the true sense.

The mission of The COLESHILL COLLEGE is to provide the best facilities In town to acquire education in the real sense; and for them to hit the pinnacle of success; for making them strive to self-development and self-correction through the process of constant research towards gaining sound knowledge for personal, social and economic achievement. The COLESHILL COLLEGE shall be providing a platform for the Global Citizenship and Equity Learning Experiences.

The COLESHILL COLLEGE will contribute to the advancement of society through research, creative activity and dissemination of the latest information, knowledge and discoveries. The COLESHILL COLLEGE shall preserve and promote the arts, Science and Business Knowledge for the benefits for serving the citizens through multi-faceted courses.

Dean of the College