Scholarship+Plus – Coleshill College


All scholarships are based on CAIE result.

Academic Scholarship

The student will be awarded scholarship as per the given criteria based on CAIE results 2018.

NB: The above scholarship can be further relaxed in certain special cases.

Sports Scholarship

This scholarship is for students that are playing at the national or provincial level and it amounts to 40% of the tuition fee reduction.

Remember the dates: Accepting Applications (Please bring your credentials along)

Deans’ Award

For students to be considered for the Deans ‘ Award – the student must have a 6A* to be eligible for 100% Scholarship. This will not include the following subjects; Islamiyat – Pakistan Studies – Urdu

SEATS Available:   05 in Number
Documents:           School Transcripts Grade IX to XI
ECA Certificates:

Please note that certain conditions apply

Scholarship Criteria AS

8A's 100%
7A's 80%
6A's 60%
5A's 40%
4A's 20%
3A's 10%

Scholarship Criteria A2

4A's 100%
3A's 75%
2A's 50%

Work & Study Opportunity

The work & study opportunity can be availed by students that are bright or at the top of their class in the area of interest. Students are selected for it by undergoing an interview and a vetting process after which the final names are announced for the mentioned programme.

Please note that the amount earned in minor and will offset just a certain percentage of the fees.

Students may work in the following areas:

  • Student Mentor Programme
  • Teachers’ Assistant
  • Afterschool Alliance Programme

Certain Conditions Apply**