STEAM Programme – Coleshill College

STEAM Programme

Steam Programme

Explore – Transform – Create

At the Coleshill College, we are trying to adapt to the changes that are taking place and with the generation that is to possess a world that will have transformed itself differently from the past that we have dwelled in…

Here we are focusing on adding interdisciplinary courses that are to reimagine and reconfigure the learning experience of a student by approaching areas of common interest without leaving their respective disciplines behind.

Our Motto is: –

To transform from passion into reality

Our idea is to let the students decide early as to what career he/she would like to pursue. We would like them to think out of the box of traditional ideas and be critical thinkers by giving them opportunities to solve real-life problems.

Some of the areas of exploration that are to be offered :

  • Medical Innovations
  • Robotics and Drones
  • Space and Astronomy
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Marine World
  • Renewable Energy
  • 3D Printing and Modeling
  • Tech and Coding
  • Media and Digital
  • Game Design and Development
  • Mobile Apps

These courses will be offered in a “Tier Methodology” of 1, 2 and 3 levels – commencing from Basic, Intermediate to Advance Courses.

Please note that these courses are being inbuilt into the student’s regular curriculum.

STEAM is being designed to develop the 5 critical areas in the students:

Focus    Clarity    Discipline   Organization   A Critical Eye